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Maiken Foods’ mission is to be one of the main players in the world to supply high-end value-added consumer ready seafood products.

Who are we?

We are a group of engineers and aquaculturists from Norway

What are our plans?

Construct and operate a land-based salmon farm in Portugal

In more details...

Utilizing energy from solar panels to:
- Regulate water temperature
- Produce Hydrogen
- Power up the entire farm

World‘s Most Sustainable Onshore Salmon Fish Farm to be Built in Portugal

Hamburg/Sines, 26th January 2023 – In Sines, Portugal, the technology of the German biotech company 350PPM is laying the foundation for a food revolution: together with the Norwegian aquaculture experts from Maiken Foods, the world‘s most sustainable onshore salmon fish farm will be built there in the course of this year. In a first step, the plant in Sines will produce 2,000 tonnes of protein per year from 4,500 tonnes of CO2. In the process, the CO2 exhaled by the salmon will be converted into fish

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About us

land-based fish farmingMaiken Food AS is a company from Norway founded by Arve Gravdal. Also, Arve is the inventor of new technology and that will be a game changer when it comes to land-based fish farming.

Maiken’s RAS (Recycling Aquaculture System) consists of individual tanks, without interaction with other tanks. In other words, tanks are independent. It is a new simple technology where water is recirculated by cleansing it inside the tank.

Our first project of land-based fish farming in Portugal is planned in Sines, where we currently lease a large industrial site, which is close to the Atlantic ocean. Significantly important that solar panels will power the entire fish farm, and CO2 from the tanks will be used to make protein for feeding fish.

As a result, this will be a fantastic project with a circular economy, and it is extremely ESG friendly. That’s the main argument behind its creation. Moreover, no long transport stages with emissions and using green energy from the sun.

The advantage of the project is that we can start building and setting fish into the tank before the whole facility is ready. Since tanks are completely independent. 

The cash flow will start in the first year of operation after the beginning of the construction.

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