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Maiken Foods

Our technology

Salmon farming was originally a huge sucess in Norway. Annual value creation from the industry is presently 10 billion Euro. The indstry expect to increase the production 4 times from today’s.

Maiken is different

- simple and reliable

When the Norwegian authorities in 2017 opened up for issuing cost-free land-based salmon licenses, it was challenging for the many new inexperienced players to obtain technology for producing large quantities of salmon on shore. 

Most of the players looked to the existing land-based technology for producing salmon juveniles. 

This is where Maiken is different.  Our technology is tailormade for producing industrial quantities of salmon on land.  Bear in mind that a land-based salmon farm with a production capacity of 1 000 mt/a (one licence) requires 10 000 m3 of fresh or cleansed water every hour.

In our system, we simply stock the tank with 200 grams juveniles to harvest them 9 months later. Everything is automatic.

The technological solution

- Existing IPU (1 500 m3)

1. IPU

With a construction time of weeks rather than months the technical features can be tested and adjusted before building the next tank. 

2. DWTS  – Dynamic Water Treatment System

The unknown, but very important Maiken technology anomaly is the DWTS:

A common RAS has limited options to adjust flow and optimize the different water treatment system whilst in full operation, whereas Maiken can adjust the different water treatment systems all the time.

To be able to adjust the waterflow and to adjust the power/force of the different water treatment system whilst in operation, is of decisive importance. 

Thus, it is reasonable for Maiken to claim that it certainly will reach an optimal  production water environment for salmon within a reasonable period of time of operation.  Especially after several tanks are in operation. 

Discharge water, will be cleansed for sludge, nutrients, pathogens, and contaminants before letting the water into the recipient.

  • Maiken Foods AS to provide RAS and related technology
  • Technology mostly based on off-the-shelf products used in a purpose built application, gradually developed over 10 years
  • RAS required equipment is integrated in each tank, making the production 100% tank independent
  • Growing tank size reduces CAPEX/kg significantly