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Maiken Foods invests 80 million euros in salmon and cod aquaculture in Sines, Southwest Portugal

Maiken Foods contracted today, January 28th, the reservation of 10 hectares at Sines’ Industry And Logistics Park (ZILS), to set-up aquaculture production of salmon and cod.

The Norway based Maiken Foods AS Group, has developed an innovative technology for farming salmon and cod in fish tanks on land. The promoter of the project and founder of the company, the Norwegian Arve Gravdal, has extensive experience in this field and has developed several similar projects in other countries.

The technological process consists of large circular tanks, each with an integrated filter module for intensive recirculation. This technology, owned by Maiken, uses seawater, recycling it in the tank before returning it to the ocean. The water used is cooled by means of photovoltaic energy generated by solar panels on the roof of the tanks and in the various buildings of the production unit. The objective is to produce through an innovative, high-quality, and sustainable process.

The tanks operate independently (IPU – Individual Production Units), allowing for amore efficient control of production and its expansion in accordance with demand growth. This technology allows the breeding of animals in a sustainable manner, at a controlled temperature, and free from parasites and chemicals.

The project will consist of a nursery to produce 6,000 metric tons annually. An investment, in the first phase, of 40 million euros for the production of salmon. The total investment is 80 million euros and will include, in a second phase, the production of cod. The main markets will be, in addition to Portugal, other European Union countries, especially France and Spain.

During construction 50 jobs will be created, with 200 full-time jobs generated when the project reaches cruising speed.

Maiken Foods expects to start construction in the last quarter of 2022.

CEO´s Statements:

“Maiken Foods’ mission is to be one of the main players in EU to supply high-end value-added consumer ready seafood products.  Our technology allows for the integration of all production in a sustainable way. We found in Sines the ideal conditions for the installation of our project, not only because of the access to seawater but also because of the very competitive price of renewable energies, determining factors for our production process”.

Arve Gravdal, CEO Maiken Foods

“Norway’s cod will become Portuguese! The days of the national dish having to be made with imports are numbered. Sines’ Industry and Logistics Park (ZILS) is committed to attracting investments in aquaculture, agribusiness and agrilogistics, as to optimize national imports, and promote self-supply and exports.”

Filipe Costa, CEO aicep Global Parques

About aicep Global Parques – Management of Business Areas and Services, S. A.

aicep Global Parques manages ZILS – Zona Industrial e Logística de Sines, the largest business location area in the country, with easy and quick access to national and international communication routes due to its integration with the Port of Sines. It has 2,375 hectares of areas dedicated to energy, industrial, logistics and service activities, promoting three main verticals within its perimeter:

«ZAL Sines – Logistic Activities Zone«, an area of 269 hectares contiguous to the Port of Sines, next to the TMS – Sines Multipurpose Terminal, the current TCS – Sines Container Terminal (Terminal XXI) and the planned 2nd TCS (Vasco Terminal da Gama);

Energia Sul”, which brings together energy, refining, petrochemical and chemical generations and industries in energy transition, with a focus on renewable gases, decarbonization and industrial circularity;

Sines Tech – Innovation & Data Center Hub”, a prime location for telecommunications at ZILS, Cable Landing Stations for intercontinental submarine cables and mega data and computing centers that enable Portugal’s digital transition.

For more information:

Website: www.globalparques.pt 

Goncalo Eiras | +351 936 061 927 | goncalo.eiras@globalparques.pt 

Rua Artilharia Um, 79, 7º, 1250-038 Lisbon, Portugal


About Maiken Foods, Unipessoal, Lda.

Maiken Foods, Unipessoal, Lda., belongs to the group Maiken Foods AS, of Norwegian origin, specialized in aquaculture for salmon production. They have an innovative technology to make use of the water used in the creation of salmon and cod in ponds on land.

For more information:

Website: https://maikenfoods.com 

Nuno Rodrigues | +351 269 636 286 | nuno.rodrigues-909e@advogados.oa.pt 

Rua António Aleixo, nº1-2ºB, 7520-171 Sines, Portugal